Jain Center Community Rental

Jain Center is very pleased to provide a community service by allowing your personal and community events in the latest state of the art facility, includes Auditorium setup, Banquet setup, Kitchen & Dinning and classroom setup for educational or business events.

Jain Center is perfect for Wedding, Reception, Anniversary Celebration, Baby Shower, Graduation Birthday, Holiday Party, Family Gathering & Reunion, Corporate Meetings, Seminar, Trade Show

Community Hall Information

Both community Halls are perfect for many events. Movable partition allows expanding the capacity to almost double. Inbuilt speakers and rear end projector system allows viewers to enjoy crisp sound system while watching live events.

East Community Hall:

Newly built with largest stage (Best in the city) with more than 5700 square feet accommodates about 700 in theatrical setup or 450 in banquet setup. Stage is equipped with multi-curtain and about 180 various lights for drama or performances. Large size greenroom special sound and light effects are available. Inbuilt speaker system and projectors in center and sides. Banquet chair setup available.

West Community Hall:

Accommodates about 750 in theatrical setting and 400 in banquet setup in 6300 square feet. Stage has change rooms on both side and bathroom.

Multi-Activity Hall:

Located next to dining area on lower level, this hall can be used for any purpose. Expanded facility for dinning (~2250 Sq. Ft.) can add another 250 people for banquet dining.

Dining Hall:

Dining area (on lower level) accommodates about 650 people at a time with banquet setup. Kitchen is fully equipped with large serving area. Exits are conveniently located for loading and unloading of catered food, etc.