JainX participants are 25-55 year old adults following the Jain dharma and are born or have been predominantly raised outside of India.

Intent: To provide a platform which supports Spiritual, Humanitarian, Social, and Professional activities and opportunities led by JainX


JainX Mission

  •  To engage with & bring the JainX community together within the spiritual, humanitarian, social, and professional arenas
  •  To bring the Jain Way of Life to members through spiritual and philosophical education
  •  To help JainX members feel proud of our heritage & religion
  •  To empower and encourage members to participate in the greater JSMC governance and activities

JainX members can look forward to future activities and opportunities focused in the areas below:

  •  Spiritual Education & Discussion Forum, monthly meetup
  •  Career Advisory Day for High School and College graduates
  •  Meet Your Mentor
  •  Chef Master Class showcasing Jain Culinary talent
  •  Quarterly Professional Speaker Series
  •  Volunteering for Humanitarian and Social welfare activities