JSMC has come a long way since its formation more than twenty-five years ago. The idea of organizing JSMC was initiated during PARYUSHANA PARVA in 1969. The constitution for that purpose was adopted in a general body on January 11, 1970.

The aims and objectives of the organization are to provide a platform for projecting the voice of Jainism in the United States, to strive for an increased awareness of Jain principles, and to promote better understanding with other religions and cooperation among different factions of Jainism. From the beginning our community was poised for having a temple of our own. As a step in the right direction, we received Bhagvan Mahavir's Pratimaji (idol) in 1971. Thereafter, the following events took place:


  • 1969

    Inception of the idea of organizing a Jain Society in Chicago

  • 1970

    Adopted the Constitution for the purpose of JSMC on Jan 11, 1970

  • 1988

    Purchased 15.4 acres of land for the Jain Center

  • 1990

    Bhoomi Poojan

  • 1991


  • 1993

    Pratishtha of Mulanayak Bhagvan, Mahavir Swami and all Ghabhara Pratimajis, Dev-Devi, Ghantakarna Mahavir, Shreemad Rajchandraji, Laghuraj Swami and Bhahmacharji and Atmasiddhi anavaran.

  • 1995

    Twenty Tirthankar Pratishtha. Also hosted JAINA Convention

  • 1996

    Shreemad Rajchandra Pratishtha idol and Atmasiddhi Shatabdhi celebration

  • 1997

    Four Tirthankar Pratishtha

  • 2009

    Grand Pratishtha