Live Pravachan by Param Pujya Ratnasundarsuriswariji Maharajsaheb

Live Pravachan by Param Pujya

Ratnasundarsuriswariji Maharajsaheb

Saturday, April 13th, 2024 @ 9:30 am


Acharya Maharaj needs no introduction. The name itself is embedded with words like Victory, Jewels, beauty of humanity, and gracefulness. A great saint whose ideas and followers have no geographical boundaries even though he has never traveled outside India. Acharya Maharaj is endowed with the rarest blessing of the goddess Saraswati. He has written 300 books in Gujarati. Many of these books have been translated into various languages Such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Sindhi, French, etc., and more than 6 million copies of his books are spread over the entire nation and his words are being heard nationally and internationally through channels like ARIHANT TV, PARAS TV & SOHAM TV and many have benefited in their lives through his preaching. So DO NOT MISS this opportunity to hear Live Pravachan of Acharya Bhagwant himself.

Program Schedule:

· 8:30 to 9:15 am - Navkarsi

· 9:15 am - Introduction & Guru Vandan

· 9:25 am - Guru Vani


JSMC Thanks:

  • Lt. Vijay & Darshana Shah and Samprati Shah family sponsoring Navkarsi
  • Anish & Neha Shah family sponsoring Navkarsi



Sponsor Saturday morning Navkarsi for only $504 (multiple opportunities will be awarded). For more information, please contact the General Secretary OR any ECBOT member.

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