Mugat Dedication

Mugat Dedication

Saturday, June 24th (During the afternoon poojan)

We are pleased to announce that we have received beautifully carved Silver Mugat for Mulnaayak Shri Mahavirswami & Gabhara Shri Shankheshwar Parshvanath Pratimaji.


We truly recognize that many JSMC members contributed via donating Silver in the form of items/coin/bar etc, along with fixed pledge donors. JSMC sincerely appreciates everyone's support and participation.


The new Silver Mugat will be displayed during the 30th Anniversary Celebration Poojan on Saturday, June 24th (Afternoon). Under the guidance of Vidhikar Shri Niravbhai, during the Poojan everyone will have an opportunity to offer Vaskshep/Pushpa on the Mugat and then it will be offered to Sangh.


During the 18 Abhishek of Anniversary Celebration, on Sunday, June 25th the family members for fixed pledge donation will offer the Mugat on the Pratimaji. Vidhikar Shri Niravbhai will guide us with the Vidhi, especially during Ashta Prakari Pooja (after 18 Abhishek). A Pooja clothing will be required for ONE person from each family to offer Mugat on Pratimaji.


We hereby invite all the fixed pledge donors to join - especially on Sunday, June 25th (after ~3pm) and all members on Saturday, June 24th (during the Poojan).