3 Satkaryas for 30th Anniversary

3 Satkaryas for 30th Anniversary

Sadhana, Shrut and Seva

Tattvärtha Sutra: "Charity is the giving of one's belongings for the good of one's self and of others.

 Charity is the beginning of religion. It generates auspicious Karma and purifies the soul. On the auspicious beginning of the 30th anniversary celebration of our Chicago temple to promote our core principle of Giving (Daan), JSMC committee has arranged unique and noble proposal for various compassionate acts, where JSMC members have opportunity to be part of this philanthropy. 


Please participate by registering your pledge by clicking the below button.

Sadhana Satkarya

Sämäyika, a daily essential for a Shrävak, is a very important tool to be free from all sinful activities, extend Maitri to all, and attain Samatä. This is the best gift we can offer to a Tirthankar Paramätmä. Starting from the 2023 anniversary to the 2024 anniversary we together can offer a gift of 30,000 SämäyikaYou can pledge a minimum of 25 Sämäyika to up to your highest capacity.


Shrut Satkarya

Samyak Jnäna is one of Ratna-trayi. A precious opportunity to worship Shruta Jnäna is available by donating towards supporting a student to become a Jain Pandit that can help us and our future generation to learn Jain Dharma to maintain our Jain heritage.


You can pledge $1000, and we will notify you where you can donate the amount once the names of Päthashäläs are finalized. Our goal is to sponsor 30 students ( $30,000 total). 

Seva Satkarya

To follow Ahimsa, our core value; Abhaya däna is the best charity. We can show compassion by saving 300 animals for the 30th anniversary.


• Donate a minimum of $ 125 dollars per animal - Goal 300 Animals

· Check to JSMC – 30th Anniversary Jiva Daya.

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