Mangalam Sthulibhadraya Nrutya Natika

Mangalam Sthulibhadraya Nrutya Natika

Saturday, June 24, 2023 @ 8:00pm


This is an extraordinary life story of Sthulibhadraji, the son of Mantrishwar Shakatal, a minister of Magadh. This is a story of Raag राग v\s Vairagya वैराग्य and how Sthulibhadra realized that all worldly aspects are transitory and real happiness lies in renouncing the world. It is a detailed episode where Stulibhadraji is standing at a crossroads where he is facing a dilemma, a state of confusion where he has to choose between the path of lustful life (Kambhog) with his beloved Rajnartaki Kosha or the path of malicious political affairs (Rajbhog) by handling the prestigious position of Mantrishwar. Delving deep into this dilemma through introspection he realizes that none of this would lead to lasting happiness. This story revolves around a conflict of mind, where one wants to choose between temporary materialistic happiness or forever-lasting peace- मोक्ष. Let’s see how Vairaag वैराग्य wins over Raag!  


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JSMC Thanks

  • Manish & Shailja Gandhi family for partial sponsorship for Mangalam Sthulibhadraya Nrutya Natika