JSMC Health fair - 2024

JSMC Health fair

April 28th & May 5th 2024

As part of community service initiatives, we are proud to host our 13th consecutive Health Fair Day 1 on April 28 & Day 2 on May 5. Take advantage of this important service offered by volunteers of JSMC.


Sponsorship Opportunity:

  • Sponsorship opportunity available for $5,004 to sponsor the entire health fair
  • Sponsorship opportunity available for $504 towards Breakfast on April 28th


Volunteers: If you are a Doctor, Specialist, Medical Practitioner, or Lab Technician and would like to support this health fair by providing your time and expertise, please register by clicking the Medical Professional Sign-up button below.


For more information, please contact Membership Secretary or General Secretary or Joint Secretary

Patient Signup for Day 1 Health Fair - April 28
Medical Professional Signup