JSMC Scholarship Loan Program


The program objective is to support & encourage students of JSMC Life Members towards their college education. The program is managed by a standalone subcommittee with the support from JSMC Board of Trustees. The program has very well defined guidelines and policies.

The program awards

  •     Based on Financial Need and Education Merit

  •     Amount for Loan and/or Scholarship based on available fund and number of applications

  •     Interest-free loan up to $10K per student and/or

  •     Scholarships up to $4K per student

JSMC has responsibility to collect the awarded loan amount from the students. (optional)

Key Eligibility Criteria:

An applicant student must be:

  •     A child of JSMC Life member

  •     Applying for an undergraduate studies

  •     United States of America Citizen or Permanent Resident

  •     With a family income of less than $150,000 per year

Program Key Dates

Application Submission: April 1st to May 24st

Award Notification & Amount Distribution: July 14th

Sponsorship Opportunities:

JSMC welcomes scholarship donation:

  •     of any amount

  •     of appreciated stock (allows donors to take advantage of double tax benefit)

  •     directly from IRA (allows eligible RMD members to keep lower AGI)

Interest Free Loan Sponsorship:

  •     JSMC welcomes minimum amount of $25,000 for at least 6 years

Please contact Jignesh Jain, Himanshu Jain or Tejas Shah for sponsorship information

Program Contacts

For any program related Q&A, contact: jsmc.scholarshiploan@gmail.com