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Upcoming Events
JSMC Raas-Garba 2014                                             Sept 26-27

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Platinum Sponsor - $2500

Gold Sponsor - $1250

Logo on communications

Logo on communications

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Appreciation Plaque presented on Stage

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Ad on the Slide Show

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6 VIP passes per day

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Events for the Year 2014

August 2014 Newsletter (AGM Invitation)
Upcoming Events
Sept 14 Tapasvi Bahuman Celebration
Sept 11 to 15 Smt. Tarlaben Doshi's Lecture Series
Sept 26-27 JSMC Raas-Garba 2014
Sept 28 Shree Manibhadra Vir Pooja
Sept 30-Oct 8 Ayambil Oli

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