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Pathshla RSVP:   Click here to RSVP.   (details)
Ayambil Oli & Mahavir Janma Kalyanak RSVP

Invitation for a Special General Body Meeting on March 29, 2015
Jai Jinendra.

The Board of Trustees, invite you to attend the Special General Body Meeting (SGM) on Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 1:00 PM to be held at the Jain Center Prayer Hall. This SGM has been called to approve proposed additions and amendments to the Constitution of JSMC and the approval of by-laws submitted by the Constitution Amendment Committee (CAC).

Click here for more details.

 Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Celebration & Ayambil Oli                   Fri, Mar 27 to Sat, Apr 4   

JSMC is honored to have Shri Shrenikbhai Gala, from Mumbai during Ayambil Oli and Mahavir Janma Kalyanak.  We request all members to join daily lectures held during Ayambil Oli. Daily Ayambils will be conducted during Ayambil Oli. We request volunteers help during Ayambil Oli. JSMC welcomes sponsorship for daily Ayambil Aaradhana. 

Sponsorship Received:

·       $1,008 from an Anonymous donor

·       $1,008 from Dr. Niranjana & Akshay Shah 

We JSMC appreciates your generosity.  JSMC welcomes partial sponsorships of $500 or more from multiple donors. Please contact Hitesh R. Shah, Tejas Shah or Vipul Shah.


Program Outline for Ayambil Oli & MJK (Click here to RSVP)

Lecture Topics During Ayambil Oli

Based on Panch Sutra - Paap Pratighaat Gun Bijaadhan Sutra.

· 3 ‘C’ of Jainism - Connection/Collection/Correction

· જિન આગમ નું નવનીત (માખણ / સાર)





Fri, Mar 27

11:00 to 12:30pm

Morning Swadhyay

12:30pm to 1:30pm

Samuh Ayambil


8:00 to 9:30pm

Evening Swadhyay

Sat, Mar 28

11:00 to 12:30pm

Morning Swadhyay


Samuh Ayambil

Sun, Mar 29

11:00 to 12:00pm

Morning Swadhyay


Swamivatsalya & Samuh Ayambil


SGM Check-in


SGM Proceedings

Mon, Mar 30 to Fri, Apr 3

11:00 to 12:30pm

Morning Swadhyay

12:30pm to 1:30pm

Samuh Ayambil


8:00 to 9:30pm

Evening Swadhyay

Sat, Apr 4


Morning Swadhyay


Swamivatsalya & Aymbil (Sponsorship Opportunity available for $2,000)


Vissthanak Poojan - Nakro: $51/small Pithika, $501/Big Yantra


Swamivatsalya (Sponsorship Opportunity available for $4,000)


Cultural Program

Sun, Apr 5



Ayambil Parna (Sponsorship Opportunity available)


Digambar Puja


Morning Swadhyay


Swamivatsalya (Sponsorship Opportunity available for $1,500)


Declamation Contest


Swamivatsalya (Sponsorship Opportunity available for $1,500)


વીશ સ્થાનક પદોનું પૂજન  

Visshthanak Poojan - Saturday, April 4 at 1:30pm 

Sponsorship Opportunity: Nakro: $51/small Pithika, $501/Big Yantra  

તીર્થંકર પદની પ્રાપ્તિમાં અનિવાર્ય વીશ સ્થાનક પદોનું પૂજન

સ્થાનકના વીશ પદોની આરાધના કરવાથી ઉત્તમ પુણ્ય બંધાય છે. ભાવિમાં તીર્થંકર થનારો જીવ પોતાના અંતિમ ભવ પહેલાના ત્રીજા ભવે બે અથવા વધુ પદોની  શ્રેષ્ઠ આરાધના અને  સર્વ જીવ પ્રત્યે કરુણાની ભાવના કરી તીર્થંકર નામકર્મનું પુણ્ય બાંધે છે. આ વીશ પદોના નામ અનુક્રમે  અરિહંતપદ, સિદ્ધપદ, પ્રવચનપદ, આચાર્યપદ, સ્થવિરપદ, ઉપાધ્યાયપદ, સાધુપદ,  જ્ઞાનપદ, દર્શનપદ, વિનયપદ, ચારિત્રપદ, બ્રહ્મચર્યપદ, ક્રિયાપદ,તપપદ, ગોયમપદ, જિનપદ, સંયમપદ, અભિનવજ્ઞાનપદ, શ્રુતપદ. તીર્થપદ  છે.

Please make a note of following instruction for daily Ayambil:

1. Daily Ayambil RSVP is required for Aymbil at JSMC or Food Pick-up. You can collect Daily Ayambil PASSes in Advance once you RSVP.

2. Ayambil Food Pickup will be arranged towards the completion of seated Tapasvi Ayambils.

3. For Pick-up, also, RSVP is required.  Food Pick-up with PASS will get priority over walk-ins. 

4. JSMC encourages all Ayambil tapasvis to bring your own utensils and avoid Paper products usage during Tapasya. We will provide logistics to clean utensils.

16th Annual Declamation Contest – April 5, 2015 at 1:30pm

Declamation Contest Topics  (Register Online)


Age 8 to 9 years

Age 10 to 13 years

Age 14 to 18 years

Age 19 and above

Message from the Life of a Tirthankar Bhagawän

Contribution of JSMC and Päthashälä in my life

My connection to Jainism

Parasparopagraho Jivänäm --Souls renders service to one another


Contestant Guidelines

·       Registration deadline: Sunday, Mar 29, 2015

·       Each contestant is allowed a maximum of 5 minutes; bell will ring at 4 minutes mark. Penalty for taking extra time.

·       Contestant may deliver their speech in English or Gujarati or Hindi

·       Contestant will be judged based on following criteria

o   Introduction: 10 points

o   Material: 40 points (Jain Principles, originality)

o   Presentation: 20 points (speed, tone of voice, eye contact)

o   Conclusion: 10 points (Restating, concluding topics)

o   Uniqueness: 20 points

·       Final score will be determined by adding 3 judges’ scores

·       Ties shall be resolved by discussion among the judges

To participate, contact Dr. Pradip Shah or Dimple Shah or Dr. Mukesh Doshi

JSMC awards three prizes in each group:

1st Place - $101, 2nd Place- $75, 3rd Place- $51

4th Cash Prize $51.00, 5th Cash Prize $41.00

For 18 and above, First three will receive trophy only.

All participants will receive $ 11.00and certificate for participation

Sponsorship opportunities for the prizes are available. Please contact Dr. Pradip Shah or Dr. Mukesh Doshi for details.

Events for the Year 2015

Upcoming Events
Mar 27 to Apr 4 Ayambil Oli (RSVP)
Mar 29 Special General Body Meeting (SGM) for Constitution Amendment
Apr 4 to 5 Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Celebration (RSVP)
Apr 5 Annual Declamation Contest (Register online)
Apr 12 Simandhar Swami Janma Kalyaanak
Apr 12 Shrimad Rajchandra Samadhidin

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