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Paryushan - Aug 2017 Newsletter                Shree Laghu Siddhachakra Poojan

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Paryushan Maha Parva
Friday, August 18, 2017 to Friday, August 25, 2017
Paryushan Mahaparva - Friday, Aug 18 to Friday, Aug 25

JSMC is honored to have presence of Dr. Shri Tej Sahebji, Shri Jinaybhai Shah and Shri Sampratibhai Shah during our celebration of Paryushan Mahaparva.
Dr. Shri Tej Sahebji is not a new name for JSMC. With a PhD in Jainism he has been conducting paryushan parva and ayambil oli across India, UK, Belgium and USA.  He has been teaching Jainism in various colleges of Mumbai University. His mission is to spread the message of Jainism throughout the world. It is our extreme pleasure to welcome our own Shri Tej Sahebji as this year's Paryushan Dignitary. 
Shri Jinaybhai, also known as Guru Maharaj no dikro, has learnt Jain philosophy under guidance of Yugpradhan Acharya-sam Pujya Panyas Shree Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharaja Saheb. Since 2000 he has been visiting various Jain sanghs across the world to celebrate Paryushan Maha Parva. He also offers special workshops to young audiences covering practical understanding of various Jain philosophy. His honorary spiritual services have inspired many people to live Jain life-style.
Shri Samprati Shah is a young and passionate singer from Ahmedabad, India. He is among the outstanding singers of Tapovan associated with it for over fifteen years. Trained by renowned classical singer Guruji Shree Aniket Khandekar his voice is filled with divinity by the graceful blessings of Pujya Guru Maharaj Chandrashekhar Vijaya ji. He has visited many Jain Sanghs across the worlds celebrating Paryushan Mahaparva. You can follow his works on YouTube via keywords "PrashamSampratiParshva".
JSMC appreciates generosity of following sponsors:
  • Dr. Niranjanaben Shah family for Ekasana/Swamivatsalya on Fri, Aug 18
  • Surati Bhaktamar Group for Evening Swamivatsalya on Fri, Aug 18
  • Sandip & Mira Vora  for Navkarsi on Sat, Aug 19
  • Two Anonymous Donors for Ekasana/Swamivatsalya on Sat, Aug 19
  • Dr. Shaileshbhai, Mayuriben, Jill, Rishi Phil Zaveri, Dr. Neil Malhotra & two anonymous donors for Evening Swamivatsalya on Sat, Aug 19
  • Dr. Salil & Rita Vasanwala  for Navkarsi on Sun, Aug 20
  • Anonymous Donors for Ekasana/Swamivatsalya on Sun, Aug 20
  • Kunal & Krina Desai family for Evening Swamivatsalya on Sun, Aug 20
  • Bharat & Sandhya Shah, Dipak & Hemangini Shah, Kamlesh Shah, Nirupa & Samir Shah in memory of Subhadraben & Sumatilal Shah for Ekasana/Swamivatsalya from Mon, Aug 21 to Thu, Aug 24
  • Hiren, Lina & Kanchanben Shah family & Prabhaben Shah, Ramesh & Anupama Desai, Ramanbhai & Champaben Patel, Mahesh & Manisha Patel for Evening Swamivatsalya on Mon, Aug 21
  • Srujal & Chaula Shah family for Evening Swamivatsalya on Tue, Aug 22
  • Vandanaben Shah for 8 days aangi
  • $1001 Sponsorship from Hiren, Lina & Kanchanben Shah family for parna

Please find below program outline for the remainder of Paryushan Mahaparva

Day 4 to 7
Mon, Aug 21st
Thu, Aug 24th
8:00 AM
Pooja: Pakshaal, Baraas, Chandan, Pushpa, Mugat, Aarti & Mangal Divo
9:30 AM
Snatra Pooja - Performed by Shri Sampratibhai Shah & Group (Sponsorship opportunity available for $31/family. Multiple families can participate)
11:00 AM
Discourses by Shri Tej Sahebji
12:00 - 2:00 PM
Ekasana /Swamivatsalya
2:00 - 5:00 PM
Tue, Aug 22nd (3:00 to 5:00 PM): 'Shri Laghu Sidhdhachakra Poojan' Conducted by Pathshala Sutra Class Volunteers
Thu, Aug 24th: 'Dharma Prashnottari - Swadhyay - at 2pm to 4:30pm' Conducted by Dr. Shri Tej Sahebji
5:00 - 7:00 PM
Swamivatsalya (Wed & Thu Sponsorship Opportunity available for $1,751. Up to three families or group can participate and share)
6:30 PM
Pratikraman (Please contact EC member for Sutra nakaro)
7:30 PM
Bhavana, Pravachan, Aarti & Mangal Divo
Mon, Aug 21st (7:00 to 8:30 PM): Shri Atma Sidhdhi Shastra and Shrimad Bhakti
8:30pm Gheeboli for Aarti followed by Aarti and Mangal Divo
9:00pm Pravachan
Tue, Aug 22nd (8:00pm): Kumarpal Maharaji Ni Bhavya Aarti
Thu, Aug 24th: Gheeboli for Barsa Sutra Vanchan
Day 8
Fri, Aug 25th
6:00 AM
Daytime Paushadh conducted by Shri Jinaybhai
8:00 AM
Pooja: Pakshaal, Baraas, Chandan, Pushpa, Mugat, Aarti & Mangal Divo
9:30 AM
Snatra Pooja - Performed by Shri Sampratibhai Shah & Group (Sponsorship Opportunity available for $101/family. Multiple families can participate)
11:00 AM
Barsa Sutra Vaanchan by Shri Tej Sahebji
12:00 - 2:00 PM
Ekasana /Swamivatsalya ($3 ticket per person)
2:00 PM
Pratikraman-For Parents of Infants & Toddlers
4:30 PM
Samvatsari Pratikraman Swadhyay
6:00 PM
Swetamber Pratikraman
6:00 PM
Sthanakvasi Pratikraman, Youth Pratikraman (in English)
9:00 PM
Aarti & Mangal Divo
Sat, Aug 26th
(Tapasvi Parna)
8:00 AM
Tapasvi Parna coordinated by Parna Samiti (Additional Sponsorship is welcomed with a minimum donation of $1,001)
9:00 AM
Samvatsari Alochana in Gyan Mandir
6:00 PM
Kachchhi Pratikraman
Sun, Sept 10th
(Tapasvi Bahuman)
12:30 PM
Swamivatsalya coordinated by Tapasvi Bahuman Samiti
(Additional Sponsorship is welcomed with a minimum donation of $1,001)
1:30 PM
Varghodo & Tapasvi Bahuman
Daily evening Bhavana will be performed by Shri Sampratibhai Shah & Group
Daily evening Pratikraman and Gents Pausadh will be conducted by Shri Jinaybhai Shah
Sponsorship for Daily Aangi is available for $101/pratimaji. Multiple families can participate.

For additional information on programming and sponsorship please contact any committee member.
Following are youth activities during paryushan.




Fri (8/18)


Pratikraman Tools Workshop - Learn how to use Muhpatti, Charvalo, How to do Vandana during Pratikraman

Sat (8/19)


Shri Navpad Poojan in English


Special Pratikaman in English for College Bound Students

Mon (8/21)


Who wants to be Mahavir Swami?? - A quiz program for kids..

Tue  (8/22)


Make Kshamapana cards

Wed (8/23)


My day-to-day life - The Jain way. An open discussion in questions/answers format about how to live Jain way for school going kids..

Thu (8/24)


Make Kshamapana cards

Fri (8/25)


Youth Samvatsari Pratikraman in English

Contact Youth Secretary or Education Secretary for more details



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