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JSMC Raas-Garba Ramzat 2015
Friday, Oct 16th & Saturday, Oct 17th

Shree Manibhadra Vir Pooja
Sunday, Oct 18 at 11am to 12:30pm

On Tithi, Asho Sud Paacham, a Manibhadra Vir Pooja is performed.  JSMC will conduct Ashta Prakari Pooja on Sunday, Oct 18, 11am to 12:30pm. Pooja will be performed in the Derasar.  Members (Gents only) will be able to perform Ashta Prakarai Pooja on Pratimaji.  During the Pooja, a new Toran and Sukhadi will be offered.  After completing the Pooja, Manibhadra Vir Aarti, and Shanti Kalash will be conducted.   Pooja clothes are required for the Ashta Prakari Pooja.


JSMC welcomes main sponsorship of $1,001. Main Sponsor will be awarded with the Ashta Prakari Pooja, Toran, and Sukhadi. A gheeboli will be conducted for Aarti, and Shanti Kalash.


Please contact committee members to participate in the Sponsorship.

Ayambil Oli
Mon, Oct 19 to Tue, Oct 27

We are very happy to welcome Shri Girishbhai Shah from Los Angeles as a Dignitary during the Ayambil Oli.  He will conduct daily Swadhyay.  Tentative Swadyay Topics and Schedule is as below. 


Tentative Daily Swadhyay Schedule during Ayambil Oli:

  • 11-00 a.m to 12-30 P.M  -   Swadhayay based on Nav-Pad
  • 8-00  p.m. to 9-30 P.M    -   Message based on King Shripal and Mayanasundari’s Life and their devotion for Siddhachakra


Shree Girishbhai Shah has been advancing his Jain studies under guidance of many Ächäryas. He has taught, and mentored young and old across USA. He has prepared many Päthashälä teachers in Los Angeles. He has conducted Swädhyäy during Paryushan Parva and other occasions in several Jain centers across USA. For his contribution to Jainism he was  appreciated in Atlanta 2015 convention by JAINA special recognition award.

Shri Atmasiddhi Namaskar Din
Sunday, Oct 25 at 2pm

A Shrimad Rajchandra Bhakti will be conducted in main prayer hall followed by a Swamivatsalya.   

Swamivatsalya Sponsored by Shri Anuben and Rameshbhai Desai and their mother Shri Prabhaben C. Shah.  JSMC appreciates your support.

For additional details, please contact Yashvantbhai Shah at (630) 295-5587.


Events for the Year 2015

Upcoming Events
Friday, Oct 16th & Saturday, Oct 17thJSMC Raas-Garba Ramzat 2015   (Purchase Tickets)
Sunday, Oct 18 at 11am to 12:30pmShree Manibhadra Vir Pooja
Mon, Oct 19 to Tue, Oct 27Ayambil Oli
Sunday, Oct 25 at 2pmShri Atmasiddhi Namaskar Din

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