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Quarterly Pooja Participation List - for 2012, for 2014 Remaining Fixed Pledges Opportunities
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Upcoming Events
Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Celebration & Ayambil Oli
Mon, April 7 to Tue, April 15   


  • Special Parking Arrangement for Saturday: Overflow parking is made available at Eastview Middle School parking lot from 4pm onwards.  School Bus is arranged to provide drop-off/Pick-up service to/from this parking lot.
  • During morning Pravachan on Saturday (tomorrow), in honor of Late Shri Dipchandbhai Gardi and Late Shri Dr. Mahendrabhai Varia, on behalf of Jain Society of Chicago, Pandit Shri Champakbhai will speak on their distinguished contribution towards Jain Community at large (in United States and in India). Please join us in commemorating these two individuals’ services for Jain Community and JSMC.

Celebration is packed with various Religious and Cultural programs includingCelebration is packed with various Religious and Cultural programs including Siddhachakra Maha Poojan, Bhagwan Mahavir's Parnu ceremony, Maha Aarti, and conclusion with grand finale of Cultural performances from our Pathshala students. We also have our highly anticipated event of the year - the Yearly Declamation Contest.
With all these excitement, we are happy to announce this sponsorship opportunity for Mahavir Janma Kalyanak celebration.
Ayambil Oli

JSMC is honored to have Pandit Shri Champakbhai Mehta, from Mumbai during Ayambil Oli and Mahavir Janma Kalyanak. Daily Morning and evening lectures with Daily Ayambils will be conducted during Ayambil Oli. We request volunteers help during Ayambil Oli. JSMC welcomes Sponsorship for daily Ayambil Aaradhana. Sponsorship opportunities for Swamivatsalya are available (see below details). JSMC welcomes partial sponsorships of $500 or more from multiple donors. Please contact Hitesh R. Shah, Vipul Shah or Tejas Shah.
Morning Lecture Topic:
  • Avashyak Sutra Nu Rahashya

Evening Lecture Topics:
  • Sangha and Dharma
  • What is Dharma?
  • Re ! Karma Tari Gati Nyari
  • Nav Prakar Na Punya
  • 18 Paapasthanak
  • Samayik Dharma
  • Importance of Navpad
  • 12 Bhavna
  • 4 Bhavna
  • Pacchakhan Nu Swarup

Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Celebration - Program Outline




More information


Mon, Apr 7 to Fri, Apr 11

Morning Pravachan - 11am to 12pm
Ayambil Oli - Ayambil Time - 12pm to 1:30pm

Evening Pravachan - 8pm to 9:30pm

Please contact Kiranben Pravinbhai Shah (630) 527-8506 for the help during weekdays Ayambils


Sat, Apr 12

Morning Pravachan - 11am to 12pm




Swamivatsalya & Aymbil

Sponsorship Opportunity available for $2,001

Please contact Renukaben Jagdishbhai Mehta (847) 619-7614 for the help during weekend Ayambils.


Snatra Puja - 12:30pm

Fix Snatra Puja Nakro is $151


Siddhachakra Maha Poojan - 1:30pm to 5:00pm

Sponsorship Opportunity - Main Pithika: $501, Small Pithika: $51

Maha Aarti - 5:00pm

  • Pooja Clothes are required

  • Bhagwan Janma Mahotsav Gheeboli

  • Click here to register online to participate in the Poojan



Sponsorship Opportunity available for $4,001


Evening Cultural Program

  • Click here to see guidelines


Sun, Apr 13

Morning Digambar Puja - 8:30am

  • Abhishek, Dev Shastra & Mahavir Swami Pooja & Aarti

Sponsorship of $251 received from Dr. Vasantha & Malaji Kumariah, and Rajneesh & Radhika Jain (each) - Thank you!


Morning Pravachan


Swamivatsalya & Ayambil

Sponsorship of $1,501 received from Anonymous Donor - Thank you!

Sponsorship of $501 received from Vikas & Chanda Jain - Thank you!


Declamation Contest

Sponsorship Opportunity available

  • See details below



Sponsorship of $1,501 received from Dr. Chandrakant & Devyani Shah - Thank you!

Additional sponsorship of $1,501 received from Anonymous Donor - Thank you!


Mon, Apr 14 to Tue, Apr 15

Ayambil Oli  - Ayambil Time - 11:30am to 1:30pm

Evening Pravachan - 8pm to 9:30pm

Please contact Kiranben Pravinbhai Shah (630) 527-8506 for the help during weekdays Ayambils


15th Annual Declamation Contest - April 13, 2014 at 1:30pm

Declamation Contest Topics
Age 8 to 9 years Age 10 to 13 years Age 14 to 18 years Age 19 and above
Power of Prayer What makes you Jain? Are rituals essentials in practice of Jainism? Samyam Goyam Mä Pamäyaye
(Gautam, Never Cease To Be Vigilant)

Contestant Guidelines
  • Registration deadline: Friday, April 11, 2014
  • Each contestant is allowed a maximum of 5 minutes; bell will ring at 4 minutes mark. Penalty for taking extra time.
  • Contestant may deliver their speech in English or Gujarati or Hindi
  • Contestant will be judged based on following criteria
    • Introduction: 10 points
    • Material: 40 points (Jain Principles, originality)
    • Presentation: 20 points (speed, tone of voice, eye contact)
    • Conclusion: 10 points (Restating, concluding topics)
    • Uniqueness: 20 points
  • Final score will be determined by adding 3 judges' scores
  • Ties shall be resolved by discussion among the judges
To participate, contact Dr. Pradip Shah or Dimple Shah or Dr. Mukesh Doshi
JSMC awards three prizes in each group:
  • 1st Place - $101
  • 2nd place - $75
  • 3rd place - $51

Also, 4th Cash Prize $51 and 5th Cash Prize $41.
For 18 and above, First three will receive trophy only.
All participants will receive $11 and certificate for participation

Sponsorship opportunities for the prizes are available. Please contact Dr. Pradip Shah or Dr. Mukesh Doshi for details.
Benshree Ratnaprabhu's Satsang
Thu, Apr 17 to Sat, Apr 19   
Benshree Ratnaprabhu has conducted Satsangs on various topics based on Jain Scriptures like - Shri Bhaktamar Stotra, Tattvartha Sutra, Anandghana Chovisi, 12 Bhavana, Shrimad Rajchandraji Vachnamrut, to name a few. She has organized numerous spiritual session across many schools under "Students Awakening Program (SAP)" in Delhi area and North India. In these conscious awakening sessions, she has instilled values in schoolchildren to live moral life in this competitive world.
Satsang Schedule: Date Time Topic
April 17, Thursday 8pm to 10pm Message from previous lives Of Bhagawan Mahavir-swami
April 18,  Friday 8pm to 10pm Message from previous lives Of Bhagawan Mahavir-swami
April 19, Saturday 10am to 12:30pm Illuminating our heart through 'Bhaktamar' prayer

Events for the Year 2014

Feb 2014 Newsletter
Upcoming Events
Apr 7 to Apr 15 Ayambil Oli
Apr 12 to Apr 13 Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Celebration
Apr 15 Chaitri Poonam Pat Darshan
Apr 17-19 Benshree Ratnaprabhus Satsang
Apr 20 Shrimad Rajchandra Samadhi Din
Apr 26 Shree Simandharswami Janma Kalyanak
May 4 & 11 Health Fair - Register Online

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