Samuh Aarti - Every Sunday @ 8:00pm.


Samuh Aarti - Every Sunday @ 8:00pm.
Please join us online on Sunday @ 8:00pm. for Samuh Aarti.
Find below instructions on how to join online Samuh Aarti:
  • At 7:50pm join us online using the following link
  • Join Samuh Aarti every Sunday
  • If you would like to sponsor Aarti Please click Here or please contact EC/BOT
  • Wait for the Moderator to admit you
  • Upon joining the room, you will be muted.
  • We will start with Navakar Mantra
  • The respective order of the Aarti is as follows:
  • Shwetambar/Digambar Aarti
  • Mangal Divo
  • Shrimad Rajchandra Aarti and Mangal Divo