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Press Release
Mahavir Janma Kalyanak - 2017 Press News - Akila News.com
Mahavir Janma Kalyanak - 2017 Press News - Gujarat Samachar
JAINA Newsletter - March 2017 Newsletter - JAINA
Mahavir Janma Kalyanak - 2016 Press News - Gujarat Samachar
Paryushan Maha Parva - 2015 Press News - Akila News.com
JSMC Ahimsa Walk-2015 Press News - Akila News.com
JAINA Convention - July 2015 at Atlanta Press Release
Health Fair - 2015 Press Release
News India Times Press Release
Mahavir Jayanti - 2014 Press Release
Health Fair - 2014 Press Release
Health Fair - 2013 Press Release
Mahavir Jayanti - 2013 India Tribune - 1
India Tribune - 2
Mahavir Jayanti - 2012 Post-event Press Release
JSMC Garba 2011 Triblocal.com, Niles - Post-event news
India Post
JSMC Mela 2011 Post-event Press News, Desi Talk Chicago
Triblocal.com, Niles - 1
Triblocal.com, Niles - 2 - Photos
India Post
Paryushan & Das Laxana Mahaparva - 2011 Post-event Press News
Pre-event Press News
Midwest Youth Convention - Aug 2011 Post-event news from Akila India
JSMC's 18th Anniversary & Peace Through Non-Violence - June 2011 Pre-Event Press News
India Abroad Newspaper
msn.com India
Chicago Tribune - by Asian Media
Raas-Garba Ramzat - Oct 2010 Post-event Press News - Chicago Tribune
  Pre-event Press News - India Tribune
Paryushan - Sept 2010 Post-event Press News - India Tribune - Page1 Page 2
JSMC Mela - August 2010 Post-event Press News - Desi Talk
Post-event Press News - India Tribune
17th Anniversary - June 2010 Post-event Press News - Desi Talk
Post-event Press News - India Tribune

Events for the Year 2018

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Mar 23 to Apr 1Ayambil Oli & Mahavir Janma Kalyanak   (RSVP)
Mar 31Vis Sthanak Poojan   (Register)
Apr 119th Annual Declamation Contest   (Register)

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